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Dynamic Designer Motion for Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor

If you design Mechanical Assemblies that move using Solid Edge or Autodesk Inventorand would like to Simulate the 3D, Dynamic Motion of those assemblies totally within the Solid Edge or Inventor environment then Dynamic Designer Motion (DDM) offers just these capabilities.

It operates directly on Solid Edge or Inventor parts and assemblies and automates the process of builing a motion model from a Solid Edge or Inventor assembly model. It calculates the position, velocity, and acceeration forces of all the moving parts in the assembly and the reaction forces due to the dynamic motion at all of the connections between the parts. The reaction forces calculated by DDM Solid Edge can be automatically added to a Solid Edge Simulation model so that the stresses due to the dynamic loads can be calculated.

DDM Solid Edge is the only 3D Dynamic Motion simulation product that is completely embedded within the Solid Edge environment. DDM Solid Edge and Inventor provides you with the following:

Totally embedded within Solid Edge and Inventor No need to learn a new interface
Directly operates on the Solid Edge or INventor geometric data
Assembly mates are converted to motion joints. No need to redefine information already available in the design.
Calculates the positon, velocity, and acceleration of all moving parts in the assembly Allows the design's performance to be quantified
Calculates Reaction forces due to Dynamic Motion and automatically adds them to Solid Edge Simulation for Stress Analysis. Stresses due to dynamic loading can easily be calculated.
Uses MSC/ADAMS motion solver. Solution speed and accuracy guaranteed by industry leading solver.

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