SimWise 4D

3D Dynamic Motion Simulation. Finite Element Analysis. Optimization. CAD system Integration. MatLab/Simulink integration. The most comprehensive and capable CAE tool for the price.

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Dynamic Designer for Solid Edge

3D kinematic and dynamic motion simulation embedded in Solid Edge. Generate Loads for Solid Edge Simulation. The only motion tool Inside of Solid Edge

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Working Model 2D

2D kinematic and dynamic motion simulation for the Engineering Office and the Classroom.

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Interactive Physics

Physics Simulation Software. Make high school Physics come alive. Key technology for STEM implementation.

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SimWise V9.5

Improved Optimization and FEA capabilities add to the already rich set of functionality. Helps you to make better designs faster. Try it and see for yourself.

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SimWise 4D Named Editor's Pick of the Week

Desktop Engineering has named SimWise 4D it Editor's Pick of the Week.
Read the review.

Design Simulation Technologies develops, markets, and supports software products used by students, educators, and professionals to learn and teach physics principles and to use these principles to build virtual models of mechanical designs.

High School and College students and educators use Interactive Physics to investigate and experiment with concept in physics.

University students and educators use Working Model 2D to understand how mechanical systems work and perform without building physical models.

Professional Engineers use our Working Model 2D, Dynamic Designer Motion, and SimWise 4D products to build virtual prototypes of their mechanical designs and use these prototypes to evaluate performance.


Company News

SimWise 4D named Desktop Engineering Editor's Pick of the Week. Read the review »

DST Announces SimWise V9.5. Read the press release »

SimWise 4D featured in OEM Off Highway Magazine. Read the article »

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